Workplace reorganization software

Why Spacee ?

Spacee is designed to simplify a workplace project. Its goal is to help the company build a solid and complete program along with a final macrozoning based on space constraints and teams synergies.
Once completed, those documents can be sent to your architect and he will have everything to start your detailed space planning.

Building a solid base for your project is critical, that is what we beleive at Spacee. That is why we set up several reminders and advices to help your though the process.

Key data related to office transformation

0 % of the employees declare they are productive at home VS 63% of the employees say they are productive at work.
Source : Leesman - Global Home Working, Septembre 2020
0 % of CEOs think about organizational changes after covid crisis, especially remote work.
Source : OpinionWay, Septembre 2020
0 % of workers discovered collaboration tools they had never used before covid.
Source : Odoxa, Mars 2020

Spacee : for whom ?